You're absolutely right, in that the Texas political establishment, for psycho political reasons, rather than an acknowledgement of reality, refused to admit that Climate Change is real. Now they're left holding the proverbial bag.

Also, there's the corruption element: By having almost all of Texas (El Paso escaped their madness!) isolated from the other regional power grids, Texas moolah lickers escaped Federal regulation. The Texas political establishment, I'm sure, was paid beaucoup $$$ by the energy industry to make sure they didn't have to spend a dime weatherizing power generation, whether wind turbines or gas-fired plants.

So, you fool the people with political slogans, but...

And there's one more issue: the West Coast was also hit with a Climate Emergency last summer. So now we have 2 extreme events in 1 year affecting millions, which the states affected were barely able to respond to. More is on the way, guys. Over 30 billion tons of CO2 put into the atmosphere worldwide every year is adding up.

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