Thx, SD - I had been unable to find out if the J&J & AZ vaccines were using DNA or mRNA to deliver the Spike code. I assume the DNA must be a circular plasmid sort of thing. My knowledge of extra-nuclear DNA transcription is a little shaky, but, nevertheless, both delivery mechanisms are fascinating.

I've run across a couple mentions of very very rare interactions with adenoviruses and blood platelets, so the whole issue appears to be related to that. The Pfizer and Moderna lipid droplet/mRNA vaccines have no history of causing clotting problems at all.

As a correct treatment for the 1 in a million (literally) blood clotting issue exists, due to prior research with the similar heparin induced clotting issue, and the effect, if it's there, appears within 2 weeks of vaccination, then just knowing the symptoms and being connected with your doctor would simply be good housekeeping, as they say, if you're in a locality using either the J&J or AZ vaccines.

Of course, people have noted that the risk of serious clotting issues is MUCH MUCH higher if you get Covid, and, as the recent variants are so much more transmissible, getting vaccinated with whichever vaccine may be available in one's area is so prudent.



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