This is very odd, but it's true. (I noted it at the time. It's not a meme I picked up.) Bush ended up "winning Florida" by 537 votes. During the recount, the closest it got was Bush ahead by, I believe it was, 153 votes - which was the SAME NUMBER ... of Death Warrants Bush had signed as Governor of Texas.

Perhaps it was a harbinger of things to come. Gore probably would have listened to the Intelligence analysts warning that Al Qaeda appeared to be up to something. Bush, at that time, appeared to be focussing all his energy on whether to ban the use of embryonic stem cells.

We fault Trump for being abysmally stupid, and only "4 Seasons" Giuliani could argue with that, but GW Bush, the man of the blank stare out the airplane window at New Orleans, and the fellow who let Cheney and the Neocons (what a name again!) talk him into invading Iraq, had his own shortcomings.

The sad thing for our country, and, arguably for the world, as well, is that both Bush and Trump actually lost the popular vote (Trump TWICE!)

The American people do have a bit of sense.

Seriously, time for a Constitutional Amendment to do away with the Electoral College.

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