One time Saddam Hussein walked into a bar. Donald Trump, who had become a bartender after defaulting on $400 million in loans, said "What'll you have?"

Saddam, surprised to see the liar he admired most (after himself) said, "Just a shot of tequila, with a lime."

Donny, also happy to see the politician he admired most, outside of Adolf, said, "I'm sorry. I couldn't gaslight the Mexicans anymore, and they won't ship me a damned thing."

Saddam understood, but, still hopeful, asked Trump what he would recommend?

"The Turnberry Scotch is pretty good, but, like me, it's on the rocks."


Thanks, Myriam - This may sound weird, but I didn't know what "gaslight" actually meant until now. TY! ... So I had to write you a joke.