Kelsey - Thx so much for such a nice article. I saw Ram Dass once, many yrs ago, & I have to admit, the poor guy was so hyper, it was hard to be around him. There's a problem with (trying to) arrive at oneness thru LSD or other psychedelics. They can give u an initial TASTE, but then one should find where that taste came from in a more relaxed way.

TY2 for educating me on the connection between being autistic & on having such wonderful emotional depth. That is so cool!

The approach I use, I call "Energy Meditation," & it derives from the ancient Tantric techniques of working with the "7 Energy Bodies." I learned about it by way of Osho. Who knows? I'm probably autistic myself, by society's definition, but I just never stopped to look at myself with that definition.

Oneness - In real meditation, you eventually start sensing the "Witness," ie, the Universe looking back at you. When the Zen guys say, "Your consciousness is a perfect mirror, but it's just covered with dust," that's what they mean. There's so much fun to all this consciousness stuff, & I'm so glad you're exploring - & accepting! - your sensitivity to it all!

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