It's interesting. I've found the publications to be somewhat artificial constructs. I love following a number of creative individual writers in very diverse fields, from fiction & poetry to physics, programming, history, politics, and comedy.

I see everything in terms of network theory. ie, maximising connections and increasing discoverability. The publications, though being a reasonable carry-over from a bygone era of magazine stands (and the smells of pipe tobacco humidors drifting over) didn't really serve a communication and connection purpose particularly. They're like hard blobs existing OUTSIDE of the networking of readers-writers who then try to accomplish the connecting with each other WHICH MAKES MEDIUM SO GREAT in other ways - and why we're all here.

The online networks of people have their own new and wonderful realities that, even today, are still becoming apparent.

I'm reminded of the early days of TV, when the prior radio shows were simply imported into the new medium (unintended pun!) As people experimented to see what TV could do that was NEW ... shit happened. The same thing is occurring with the Internet, smart phones, and social networks.

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