I watched Trump's incendiary speech at CPAC yesterday. One aside - He was over an hour late. We all know he has multiple psychological problems. We can only guess as to what was going on before he was able to put on his bizarre "tough guy" face.

I just want to say that the whole country has been shocked to see how so many of our fellow citizens have blthely gone down a rabbit hole of pure madness with Donald John Trump. Yesterday, his pitch was that Biden was leading us to a Communist (yes, COMMUNIST) dictatorship!

People who are extremely psychologically sick can do this trick: They can be full of anger, hatred, and rage (sorry if I'm redundant), but have repressed the awareness of who they are. They think they're simply LOVEABLE (Think of Trump hugging the Flag.)

Because they're completely unconscious, they PROJECT who they REALLY are onto others: Biden will create a totalitarian dictatorship! (Actually, of course, Trump would.)

One of the reasons these vile personalities can be so successful is the ABSOLUTE BELIEF they have about the vileness of the people they hate. People respond: "You're right. Those Democrats, Immigrants, BLM, Anti-fascists, are horrible!"

But what the psychologically sick person is saying is telling everyone how much he hates himself, who he's become! The authenticity of it makes Trump so dangerous.

But - in this completely imperfect world - Trump is telling everyone how dangerous HE HIMSELF is.

Enough said.

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