John Levin
1 min readMar 9, 2022


I heard that Gautam Buddha once got lost in time and ended up in NYC on a Saturday night. He got swept along by a crowd and found himself in the audience for Saturday Night Live. He got a good laugh from all the jokes, and no one even paid attention to his strange clothes. He decided he really liked New York and decided to stay.

He also likes to swim every week at the Y. I saw him there just the other day.

"Hey, Bee, what's up?" I asked and gave him a tickle on his bald head..

"Not much, John. How are you?"

We talked about the latest stuff on Netflix and had a good swim. He likes to float on his back and stare at the lights.

I like to laugh and get my hair wet.

We're getting together to watch season 5 of The Last Kingdom tonight! It's going to be a binge.