I disagree. Donald John "Insurrection Man" Trump certainly deserves absolutely nothing from the people he attempted to be a dictator to.

And I also suspect that all the Republicans, scared to their hip bones about him, really should have nothing to worry about. Merrick Garland is making his 1st priority of business to fully investigate the planning, funding, and coordination of the attempted coup. The Supreme Court today enforced the Manhattan DA's subpoena for Trump's financial records. He's facing probable charges for tax fraud, insurance fraud, and bank fraud. And that's not to mention E. Jean Carroll's getting ahold of his DNA to prove he raped her in a NY dept store dressing room. Smart woman. She saved the dress.

Trump's endorsements in 2022 won't be worth jack shit.

But I agree with you: It is a waste of time to try and block his pension. I'm in favor of a bill to get him a pair of headphones so Bill Cosby won't have to listen to Fox News all day long in the jail cell they'll soon be sharing. But, then again, Cosby probably deserves it.

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