I didn't know about King Phillip's War - The description of the hideous murder of men, women, and children by English invaders with weird pointed hats, and the absolute complete lack of remorse or the slightest understanding of the English creeps is astounding.

However, it is not an outlier in the vicious history of humanity. In my mind, it's no different from the genocidal wars of the American government against the Plains Indians in the 1800's, the Spanish enslavement of the peoples of Mexico and Peru, lynching in the American South, Japanese atrocities against Chinese civilians in WW2 ... or the list goes on forever.

Perhaps the solution is "Ancestry.com." What I mean is that the atrocities are always enabled by some ancient hidden drive to wipe out people who are "not related to you by blood." We all, of course, are! So every effort to break down the barriers is of the utmost importance. America, whatever our vicious faults are, does have this underlying positive possibility: That anyone from anywhere can become an American. Then, in our collective unconscious, we're all "related by blood" and won't try to wipe each other out.

Trump's evil scheme to convince people that other Americans aren't even related to them is ugly beyond description, and his evil ideology does need to be defeated.

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