I also share everyone's head-scratching bewilderment as to why the Republican establishment isn't moving with all due speed to repudiate the madman who led the country and their party to absolute disaster.

But WTF do I know? I'm being logical! Trump is mad, and all those who fell under his cult madness sway ... have not deprogrammed themselves yet.

The next elections in 2022 are a long way off. All Trump's legal troubles and financial unraveling will have gone a long way by then.

Will Deutchebank be foreclosing on Trump Tower? (They'll have to redecorate his ugly gold veneer penthouse if they want to find a buyer.)

Will his marriage with Melania break up? E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit is progressing over his denial that he raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room - AND SHE HAS THE DRESS WITH THE ASSAILANT'S DNA (and the best lawyer in the world.)

Maybe we should be cheering the fact that the lead Republicans in both the House and the Senate are slavishly sucking the appendage which has only been seen for sure by Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in recent years.

We need a new right of center party in America. Thank you, cult creeps, for accelerating the process.

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