Hi SD, I know the story about Galton and the weight of a cow. I didn't know, though, who Galton was. Thx!

It occurs to me, after reading this ... Galton & Darwin were cousins, and the absolute misappropriation of Darwin's discovery of biolological evolution by European racists, "Social Darwinism," in order to justify their colonial subjugation of much of the rest of the world, is equally as horrid as how Eugenics was used to murder and sterilize the people that vicious societies did not want.

Hmmm, to remind us that (ty) correlation is NOT causation, Karl Marx was not related to Darwin or Galton (as far as I know), but this other 19th century invention, Communism, is (I never realized it before) so similar: In Marx's horrid theory, anyone who owns anything becomes evil, and Communist regimes in various countries used that absolutely untrue pseudo-science to justify the extermination of millions. Wow.

Hopefully, the 20th century has not left us some vicious Easter eggs, but ... mass surveillance through the Internet... Oh, boy

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