Hi Adelia - It's a problem, hmmm? Can't say I want to sign on to getting rid of greed. People have been trying that since the ancient Sumerians. Stock market, big business: I understand your frustration, but (in my opinion) to solve such a huge huge problem on a global basis, we need all the tools we've developed for global economic cooperation. So I'm all for them.

Certainly, though, we need governments to provide a focussed framework, the same way the US government organized the economy to defeat fascism in WW2.

We need leadership and education globally. We need to use the new global communication tools we're developing (Internet, cell phones, the works) to allocate resources and protect innovation - We need to enable and finance all the new ideas and citizen participation that will solve all the problems: Think SpaceX, Tesla, but giant Chinese solar panel factories, too.

Retooling industry, housing, transportation, while, at the same time, defeating mob violence nationalism aimed at climate refugees, is going to be the biggest thing ever attempted.

So that's why we need to get started now.

OK! Thanks!


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