John Levin
Dec 15, 2020


Help me! I think I'm falling in Love again.

- Joni Mitchell

Cocoa, it's a problem, and we all know it. I've certainly fallen for some odd girlfriends in the past. What was I thinking?

Obviously, nothing at all!

But you can't fight City Hall,

and Love is the greatest political machine that ever existed.

I've decided to complain to the Lords of Evolution: "Guys, I want off the boat!"

LoE: "John, we can't do it. We're just having too much fun watching you flounder. You're giving us so many ideas for improvements!"

Thanks, Cocoa - In seriousness, though, you can't fight Love, but, if you love yourself, you won't choose unaware idiots who don't know a damn thing.

(I did finally learn, and we've been happy for a long long time.)



John Levin

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