Though the river may be cold

Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

And the problem with my car

Leaves on a Deck, Photo by John Levin

A 21st Century poetic question

Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Emanuel Leutze, 1851, Public Domain, colors a bit spiced by the Author

And why the Ocean is important

Missed by the Lawn Mowers, by John Levin

From writing on Medium

A poster for Scott Marble’s 1896 play, The Great Train Robbery, Public Domain, Source: Wikipedia

A small sci-fi story about chance & diplomacy

A Princess of Mars, cover from a 1917 edition, Public Domain, source: Wikipedia

And their message to the world

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

On their way downhill

The Question That Gravity Asked, by John Levin

On who should be in charge

Sky, Leaves, & Us, by John Levin

John Levin

Scientist. Writer. Meditator. Blue Tantrika. Mystical Rabbi. Climate & Human Rights Activist. I’m a man of few words, except when I open my mouth.

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