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Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

Just today, I decided to write something optimistic.

“Why the hell do you want to do that?” my girlfriend asked, looking up from her morning coffee.

“Well. I figured after four years of Trump, over twenty of Putin, seriously too much of Kim Jung Un, and all the other psycho “leaders” of the world, we need something to look forward to!”

“You’re being optimistic again.”

“I’m sorry.”

I got up from the breakfast table and then went into the closet to write.

It’s true. I’m too scared to come out and say things may get better. I type, vainly, with…

A day in the country

Boating With Bruce, by John Levin, after Luncheon of the Boating Party, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, ca. 1881, Public Domain

A trip down Flemory Gain,
where nonsense rules,
and rabbits swing on vines,
zipping past a thatched roof village,
like Tarzan in a movie,
laughing to the rafters,
comedians, painters, actors,
sadness all forgiven,
tragedy intense within,
energy to the Moon -
That’s how high it really goes,
when time stops in its orbit,

And the world and you just stare,
suspended high above,
in bluest bluest air.

I visit that lane quite often,
today, it seems, in fact.
Events happened on Netflix,
and I thought that they were real!
I called my friends to warn them,
but, knowing me, they said,
“John, you’ve lost it…

And why the Ocean is important

Missed by the Lawn Mowers, by John Levin

OK — I’ve decided that reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I don’t know why, but, somehow, it’s lost its charming bite.

Perhaps something happened. It checked out and went sleepy bye, forgetting to set the most rudimentary alarm.

A jet airplane flew by my window earlier this morning. I could hear it throttling down for a landing, but when I looked out, a bluejay flapped by, squawking at me, instead. The airplane had gone. Perhaps the passengers just wanted their privacy.

I’m sure that ringing bluejay was squawking at me, or, perhaps, at the two black winged…

From writing on Medium

A poster for Scott Marble’s 1896 play, The Great Train Robbery, Public Domain, Source: Wikipedia

One time there was a dollar bill who was lonely and thought he could get a lot of other bank note friends by becoming a writer on Medium! I know it sounds odd, but these things happen.

His girlfriend had gone through a currency change operation and was now living in someone else’s computer under a new crypto name. He hadn’t seen her in weeks.

Nevertheless, that courageous dollar bill carried on. Medium started actually paying him … in stories!

He decided the 2 minute ones were best,

But when he tried to buy a miniature air conditioner on Amazon…

Though the river may be cold

Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

One time a small fish
landed, as it were,
in a heap of trouble,

upside down in Brooklyn,

cast like a shadow
onto the street.

People stepped over her,
not even noticing the abject sadness
and tears in her eyes.

Why am I only a fish?
And not a dolphin,
at least,
she wondered.

Things improved rapidly
when Amazon closed a deal
for the Bridge,

And hired 10,000 workers
to deliver digital advertising
for free!

To everyone.

“Thank God!” the fish exclaimed.
“I thought I would be a tuna

There really are
8 million stories in The Naked City.
Hers is…

A small sci-fi story about chance & diplomacy

A Princess of Mars, cover from a 1917 edition, Public Domain, source: Wikipedia

“It’s so hard,” the man said, as his wife turned to him from above a heavy cast iron frying pan, full of eggs, cheese, and, of course, potatoes.

“What’s hard, Kevin? It’s certainly not the part that I need,” she volunteered, as her husband sat, heavy and dejected, at the long kitchen table.

He knew she was right, that the high flying job he had once had, talking farmers out of getting storm and flood insurance, had now come to haunt him with shame.

“I can’t help it, Florence,” he told her. “We’re broke.”

They were, you know. Like so…

On their way downhill

The Question That Gravity Asked, by John Levin

If you fear being normal,
the techniques of being invisible
are so easy to learn.

If you fear being a river, just feel the gravity
pulling your water
out of all
those highest
sun touched mountains,

And the sheer slippery
of the whole
forgetting to ask
the meaning
of all the non-effort,
bubble loud popping,
adventure filled thing,

And any timid fishes
who forget to follow



One time a mountain river decided to visit the city. As she wasn’t used to people (and dogs and children,) she was a little overwhelmed at first, but…

On who should be in charge

Sky, Leaves, & Us, by John Levin

One time a belief decided to take over the entire world! It was a really nasty belief and had paid off all the influencers: The politicians, the generals, the CEO’s, the education ministers, and, of course, the prison guards.

But the Earth kept spinning on its axis anyway.


I wasn’t sure if the Earth had even noticed all of us! I decided to ask her, but she looked at me (momentarily) and said, “Is Springtime not enough for you?”

I realized the point she was making and shut up, but she could tell I still hadn’t really understood.


Even the best of us sometimes get stuck

An Incident in the Story of Don Quixote, by Robert Hillingford, ca. 1870, Public Domain, Source: Wikipedia

I think the obvious answer is to have a 4 shot Americano, without sugar. The pure bitter bite will knock you out of whatever block you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t try any idiocy with tea or non-caffeinated beverages. The bitter shock is only part of it. The 4 shots of caffeine are what really makes it work.

If that is ineffective, and sometimes you might need even more, then just watch an episode of The Last Kingdom on Netflix. “Destiny is all!” It is, in a way.

One time (I have to admit) even that didn’t work. I was really…

John Levin

Scientist. Writer. Meditator. Blue Tantrika. Mystical Rabbi. Climate & Human Rights Activist. I’m a man of few words, except when I open my mouth.

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